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Technical Resources


FIBROMAX 2.0 FIBRO ROTARY TABLES MOVE UP TO …second-generation, heavy-load positioning table features high rigidity and efficiency. Specialist and rotary table pioneer FIBRO of Weinsberg presents the FIBROMAX 2.0 series: a completely revised series of its XXL rotary displacement series. In comparison to the first-generation, the bearing diameter and thus the rigidity of the heavy-load positioner has increased significantly – and with virtually unchanged costs. The continuously increasing requirements for the construction of wind power plants, roller bearings, turbines, gearbox cases, and construction machines were the reasons for the new heavy-load concept. Rotary tables for workpiece sizes of 4 x 4 meters and transport loads of up to 400 tons are now standard at FIBRO. The heavy-duty tables provide a ...


Thanks to their speed, accuracy and cost, delta robots shine in a wide variety of pick-and-place and packing applications. The main challenge with these useful robots involves integration. Delta robots typically need to work with other motion axes and vision systems. That’s where our Power PMAC® controller comes in. The Power PMAC embedded controller makes it easy to coordinate the delta robot’s movements with ancillary motion and vision systems—even at the fast cycle times typical of these robots. To make the delta robot work seamlessly as part of a more complex material handling or packaging system, we take advantage of Power PMAC’s immense computing power. Capable of handling up to 256 motion axes simultaneously, the Power PMAC easily makes all ...


The robust, cost-effective motor brake Maintenance-free ( no re-adjustments necessary) Easy installation Completely enclosed brake housing in Protection IP 54 or IP 65 Insulation material class F Can be used for 100% duty cycle Short switching times


Choosing Riverhawk flexural pivots means you’re choosing top-notch, quality products from the industry-leader in frictionless pivot bearings.


The difference between a gas and a vapor is that vapors arise from liquids, whereas gases are normally in a gaseous state. Flammable vapors present additional sampling concerns


A closed-loop electronic control system can provide far greater accuracy and repeatability than a manual open-loop system. In a closed-loop control system, we replace the operator's judgment and intuition about how much to adjust a tensioning device's output with an electronic controller's control algorithm.


Most flammable vapor analyzers respond differently to different vapors. Whenever the process solvent is changed, the analyzer must be either re-calibrated or reprogrammed to ensure that it’s measurement of the new solvent vapor is still accurate.


Lika Electronic also offers a complete portfolio of solutions developed for the mobile equipment sector: incremental and absolute encoders, contactless encoders, redundant encoders, draw-wire encoders, inclinometers.


One solution for controlling a wide tension range is the use of multiple transducers in a single location. This solution has its limitations, but it does work well in many cases.


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