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Cantilevered (Single-Ended) Pivot Bearings

Cantilevered pivot bearings are the most commonly used type of pivot bearing. With these single ended bearings, one end is attached or supported which…
More Info:  Double-Ended Pivot Bearing

Double-Ended Pivot Bearing

These pivots carry higher radial loads than cantilevered pivot bearings and are mounted with both ends attached or supported allowing the center porti…
More Info: Linear Flexure Bearing

Linear Flexure Bearing

A linear flexure bearing consists of an arrangement of vertically oriented flexure elements held into place on the top and bottom by rectangular mount…
More Info: Lamellar Pivots

Lamellar Pivots

The Lamellar Flexure Bearing design is a new manufacturing process for the Flexural Pivot product line. The concept behind this new process is to open…

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