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Dover Flexo Electronics Inc.

Dover Flexo Electronics Inc.


DFE: Tension Transducers

Tension transducers (also known as load cells) measure actual web tension in almost any moving web or filament. Transducers output an accurate, reliab…

DFE: Narrow Web Tension Transducer

The NW Narrow Web Tension Transducer is a specialized bearing-mounted cantilevered idler roll with integrated dual tension sensors for measuring tensi…

DFE: Tension Roll Transducer

Tension Roll® transducers and dead-shaft idler roll are combined in one integral unit.…

DFE: Segmented Tension Roll transducer

The Segmented Tension Roll transducer is a specialty idler roller that measures tension on multiple individual web strands in a slitting and rewind en…

DFE: Ribbon Filament Transducer

The RFA Ribbon Filament Transducers are designed to measure tension in any moving ribbon, filament, or very narrow web.…
VNW Tension Transducers

DFE: Very Narrow Web Transducer

The VNW (Very Narrow Web) transducer is a compact tension sensing device for measuring process tension in narrow web (up to six inches wide), ribbon o…
LT - Low Tension Transducers

DFE: Low Tension Transducer

Strong, compact low tension transducers that convert filament or web tension into a D.C. voltage proportional to tension. Typically used in filament w…

DFE: Heavy Duty Transducer

For those measurement applications with a high load (heavy tension) on the substrate and idler rolls in the web path, the Model FH or FV are the tensi…

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