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Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.

Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.


Machine & Motion Controllers

For controlling between 4 and 256 axes with unparalleled built-in features for any motion control application, using a variety of output control signa…

Modular Rack Systems

UMAC is a modular rack system, permitting the user to choose his or her own hardware composition, including controller, I/O, amplifiers, communication…

Integrated Controller-Amplifiers

Combining the versatility and strength of PMAC with power amplification stages (1 to 8 channels) for controlling a variety of motor types.…

MACRO Ring Products

The Power PMAC CPU is the most powerful and most flexible controller that Delta Tau presently offers, now integrated into this compact, panel mount fo…

Delta Tau Amplifiers

AMP 1 is a Linear Amplifier in the 3U UMAC rack form factor designed to drive small DC brushed type motors, galvanometers, piezoelectric motors, voice…

Delta Tau Software

The Power PMAC Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software is based on the Visual Studio programming environment. It is used to develop, debug, …

Delta Tau CNC Solutions

The Advantage 900 is a flexible CNC system able to run different types of Milling or Lathe machines. It comes in the format of a PC with a CNC Operato…

Delta Tau Accessories

Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc. is the leading developer and manufacturer for innovative, high-performance machine and motion controllers. With more than…

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