A linear flexure bearing consists of an arrangement of vertically oriented flexure elements held into place on the top and bottom by rectangular mounting blocks. It is intended to have linear travel with a spring resistance to motion which acts as a self-centering feature. As one mounting block is held stationary a horizontal force is applied to the other mounting block. The flexure elements then bend in an s-shape curve allowing a relative horizontal displacement to occur between the two mounting blocks.

Linear Flexure Bearing Overview

  • Block is fixed, the other is free to Translate
  • Used in applications where reciprocating motion is desired
  • Custom Designed per application requirements
  • Self-Centering spring return

Flexure Bearing Overview

The linear flexure bearing has the same advantages over traditional linear bearings as our flex pivot has over traditional roller bearings. They are frictionless, lubrication-free, self-centering, and when used within design limits have infinite life. They also have predictable hysteresis, vertical shift, and spring rate, which make them useful in applications requiring limited travel.

Used in shock/vibration dampers, cam followers, and various linkages for industries which include:

  • Automotive
  • Automation
  • Material Handling
  • Packaging
  • Robotics

More Info: http://flexpivots.com/linear-flexure-bearing/