More Info: Lamellar Pivots

More Info: Lamellar Pivots

The Lamellar Flexure Bearing design is a new manufacturing process for the Flexural Pivot product line. The concept behind this new process is to open up several degrees of freedom that were not easily obtainable with our previous standard designs. With this new manufacturing process, Riverhawk has the ability to create custom parts like never before. Functionally, the Lamellar Pivots work similar to our standard cantilever and double ended flex pivots, and should complement both lines well. This process will lower the cost of custom pivots and the use of custom materials. The new design will also allow options to be grafted into sub assemblies and potentially create new mounting methods.


Lamellar Flex Pivot Overview

o    100% customizable

o    Reduced cost and lead time for custom material applications

o    Special features built into structure of part, instead of “added on”

o    Custom designed per application requirements

o    Functions like standard flex pivot offerings

o    More economic approach to custom designs

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