NC-rotary tables with worm drive

FIBROPLAN® NC rotary tables are equipped with a backlash-adjustable worm drive for use in machine tools for universal positioning. Rotary and multiple-axle machining (simultaneous operation) is possible. The application of high-resolution measuring systems and the special design features with high-precision, rigid bearings result in high positioning accuracy. Through hydraulic clamping in the positioned state, high machining forces can be absorbed. FIBROPLAN® NC rotary tables are available in different designs, configuration levels and variants. Multi-axle designs and combinations with linear tables, designs with pallet clamping devices and pallets as well as customised solutions are possible.

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Heavy-load-NC rotary tables with Twin-Drive

FIBROMAX NC rotary tables for universal positioning, rotary and multiple-axis machining (simultaneous operation). The modern conception with a rigid mechanical design, combined with high-quality drive and control elements, allows:

  • Transported load over 400 tons
  • flexible positioning
  • high repetitive accuracy
  • high precision in terms of radial and axial concentricity in the micrometer range absorption of radial and axial forces through preloaded and generously dimensioned axial/radial bearing
  • hydraulic table top clamping for even higher tangential forces and offloading the gear
  • outstanding characteristics for rotary milling and simultaneous machining by preloaded bearings and electrically pre-stressed drive (twin drive).
  • operational safety and long service life as a result of careful design
  • low maintenance
  • wide variety of standard models – different types, configuration levels, and variants
  • overall system has been optimised in terms of rigidity
  • optimum power flow from the indexing table via the bearing through the roller circulation shoes and the linear table into the foundation

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A turbo among rotary tables – the new FIBRODYN DM direct driven rotary tables with torque motor are optimally suited for all handling and assembly applications that require the shortest indexing times and flexible positioning. Thanks to its measuring system directly in the rotary table axis, any position can be moved to with the highest precision. The slim design with its very space-saving, compact construction and its fitted boreholes makes it very easy to integrate the rotary tale into your system. FIBRODYN DM is also available as decentralized stand-alone solution with integrated control. In this version, it offers the ideal opportunity to save a separate external NC control to minimize the implementation and start-up costs and to realize small machines without complex peripherals. The rotary tables are lifetime lubricated and maintenance free.

Your application

  • For extremely quick positioning in automation systems
  • Highest positioning and repeat accuracy
  • Maximum flexibility for application and product conversions
  • Universal deployment for the most diverse of applications

Your benefits

  • Highest dynamics and productivity with extremely fast positioning times
  • Easy to use thanks to intuitive operating software program
  • Integrated control and plug-in cable connection for logic and power supply
  • Slim and very space-saving design
  • Large center hole
  • Energy-efficient design without the use of additional cooling units

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high precision NC rotary tables with face gear

FIBROTAKT® indexing tables have been developed for precision divisions and the absorption of high machining forces. Interlocking in the FIBRO face gear ensures continuous high precision and rigidity. Different versions and drive types ensure optimum device selection for the respective application. Even for heavy structures, the flush-mount rotary table FIBROTAKT® for rotary transfer machines combines minimum switching times with maximum precision and rigidity. It features a non-lifting indexing table, girth gear drive and easy access from below.

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