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Execute equal and opposing linear motion with one drive system.
Universal Thread Grinding manufactures high quality lead screw assemblies to meet your most demanding micro positioning applications. Our dual thrust lead screw assemblies, containing two thrust nuts, allow users to execute equal and opposing precision linear motion with one drive system.

Each thrust nut on the lead screw includes our patented, phosphor bronze split nut. One nut has a left hand thread; the other nut has a right hand thread. As the lead screw turns, the thrust nuts move uniformly in opposite directions from a fixed center line reference. Clockwise lead screw rotation moves the thrust nuts an equal distance away from the center line. Counterclockwise rotation moves the nuts an equal distance toward the center line.

Universal’s dual thrust lead screws feature the same high lead accuracies offered by our single thread lead screws. Specify lead accuracies to 10 microinches/turn, 25 microinches/inch. Our standard 1/2″ dual thrust lead screws, with up to 6″ travel (for each nut), offer lead accuracies of 50 microinches/turn, 100 microinches/inch.
The lead screw’s self-adjusting, preloaded nut reduces effects of misalignment and eliminates backlash. By eliminating backlash, repeatability is maximized. Dual thrust lead screw applications include high precision gaging, inspection, and assembly operations.

Accuracies to 10 microinches per turn, 25 microinches per inch.

More Information: http://www.universal-thread.com/dualthru.htm