More Info: Model C

The model C*transducer is the industry standard in strain-gauge based web tension transducers (sometimes called ‘load cells’). Available in three frame sizes and both live-shaft and dead-shaft versions. Dead-shaft Model C Transducers are sealed to protect the inside from dust and water. Recessed seals are protected from damage.  Choose from five available mounting styles: “S” (screw mount), “FL” (flange mount), “PB” (pillow block mount), “PFL” (piloted flange mount), “TF” (through-frame mount). These rugged, time-proven transducers have many other features. Download the Model C Tension Transducer Data Sheet for complete details.

Tension Transducers Capabilities

  • Dual cantilevered beam for high accuracy
  • Load ratings from 10 – 800 lbs (45 – 3560N)
  • High Overload capacity to 2,500 lbs (11,125N)
  • Available with extended range output (XR) for measuring lower minimum tensions
  • When utilized with the iAmp inline amplifier, a 0-10Vdc output is available
  • DFE controllers and indicators are available with a Dual Calibration feature for accepting calibration parameters from two sets of tension transducers, allowing users a wider range of tension measurement.

* The ‘C’ in model C stands for convertible. When DFE builds one of these transducers, it can be finalized as a dead-shaft style transducer, with a non-rotatable coupling, or as a live-shaft style transducer, with a rotatable shaft coupling.