dfe-segmented-tension-roll-transducerThe Segmented Tension Roll transducer is a specialty idler roller that measures tension on multiple individual web strands in a slitting and rewind environment. It also serves to measure tension at multiple points across the width of a single web in a converting or printing application.

In recent years converters of extensible materials have been seeking the capability to measure and control process tension on two or more parallel web sections as they are being wound onto individual roll cores on the same machine. In response, Dover Flexo has refined the design of the popular Tension Roll®Transducer to make custom devices with various configurations and numbers of tension-sensing roll segments across almost any specified shaft length.

The advantage to such a versatile tension-sensing roll is in space savings and convenience for the maintenance or engineering team tasked with adding more tension measurement points in a selected machine zone. With a segmented tension roll transducer, only one idler roll device is being added in the machine frame, and the same web path is used for accurate tension measurement for multiple slit web strands.


The Segmented Tension Roll can also be used for inspection of the tension profile on roll stock as a roll of paper, film or foil is being unwound in-process. A converter can also check for substrate non-compliance on purchased rolled material by setting up a tension-profile monitoring station at Receiving or Incoming QC; but this would require unwinding and rewinding the substrate and would add cost to the process.

A typical segmented tension roll transducer consists of a single shaft containing a series of evenly spaced tension-sensing idler roll segments.  Each roll segment has integrated tension sensors in both ends.  Electrical connectors are installed on the shaft, as a group, at one end of the unit.  The standard roll is aluminum with a smooth plain finish.  Other finishes are available by request.  The shaft can be mounted in a carrier frame that has one or more supports placed between rolls if desired (as pictured below).

The STR transducer is available in two frame sizes; size 1 and size 2.  The size 1 STR has a 3″ diameter standard roll, and the size 2 STR has a 4″ diameter standard roll.  The maximum number of segments is limited to ten for the size 2 transducer and 5 for the size 1.  The minimum number of segments is two.  Maximum shaft length is 120″


  • Measure tension on parallel web strands or at multiple points across a wide web
  • Choose length to fit machine or press frame
  • 50:1 Effective load sensing range
  • Load ratings from 12 – 400 lbs (55 -1800N )


As with our standard Tension Roll® transducers the ordering process is simple. To request a quotation you’ll need to specify your desired shaft length, roll diameter, load rating, and any special finishes or options. You’ll also need to specify the width of each tension-sensing idler segment and the spacing interval you desire between each segment. Every Segmented Tension Roll from DFE is made to order, so please ask your DFE Sales Engineer or Applications Specialist for help with the details and for a quotation.