The NW Narrow Web Tension Transducer is a specialized bearing-mounted cantilevered idler roll with integrated dual tension sensors for measuring tension in a moving narrow web of paper, film, foil or other material.

Constructed of stainless steel and aluminum for excellent corrosion resistance, the NW transducer can be used as the sensing mechanism in a web tension control or display system in a continuous label, tag, or tape process. It mounts on a single-sided machine frame in the path with the cantilevered idler rolls. 

Precision-balanced sensing elements fixed internally at each end of the idler roll deliver a highly accurate tension signal.  This arrangement is functionally the same as wide web tension measuring schemes, using two tension transducers and a separate idler roll. The sensing elements measure total web tension accurately regardless of web position on the roll, and regardless of which edge of the web is tighter.

The Narrow Web transducer is available in three roll diameters: NW size 0 is 2.25 inches (57 mm); NW size 1 is 3 inches (76 mm); and the NW size 2 is 3.5 inches (89 mm).

An option of the Narrow Web size 2 tension transducer is a built-in, digital, LED tension display at the end of the roll.


The base of the NW roll bolts onto the cantilevered frame of a press or machine at a desired point in the web path and reads out running tension on the LED display at the outside end during operation. For a machine operator, who must make control adjustments when web tension runs outside acceptable limits, the direct on-roll tension display is convenient and easy-to-read.

The Narrow Web tension transducer is covered by DFE’s Tension-Free 5-YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY.


Tension Transducer Capabilities

  • Measures actual web tension
  • Promotes improved product quality and reduces waste
  • Does not affect the web. No steering effect, web breakage or length change
  • Idler roll is included. Nothing else to buy
  • High accuracy
  • Easy to install