CI-PrevExThe PrevEx is our flammability analyzer for lower flammable limit monitoring (LFL/LEL). These analyzers are an industrial strength assembly consisting of a heated flame cell and an integrated controller that continuously measures total flammable vapor concentrations from 0 to 100% of the Lower Flammable Limit (LFL) range. Optional modifications allow sampling of low oxygen and inert atmospheres.


  • Fast: Less than one-second response time
  • Universal: Gives consistent and reliable readings even when faced with multiple or changing solvent concentrations.
  • Failsafe: Designed to ensure perfect safety under all conditions.
  • Heated:  Heated to prevent sample condensation and withstand corrosive elements
  • Reliable: Cannot be poisoned or contaminated
  • Accurate: Performs under the demands of the industrial environment

    PrevEx Model SNR675 | 
    Operating Temperature: 270°C – 518°F | Download PDF

    PrevEx Model SNR674 | 
    Operating Temperature: 200°C – 392°F | Download PDF

    PrevEx Model SNR672 | 
    Operating Temperature: 120°C – 248°F | Download PDF

    PrevEx Model SNR671 | 
    Operating Temperature: 60°C – 140°F Download PDF