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Servo and Linear Motors

Servo and Linear Motors

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Nippon Pulse America, Inc. (NPA)

is a global supplier of precision motion control system products including tin can and hybrid stepping motors, linear shaft motors, chip level and board level controllers with communication, networks and drivers.


Halstrup Walcher

offers a wide range of applications for spur gearboxes and linear drives. From automatic flap adjustment to positioning drives for maritime applications, from the regulation of water circuits to worm gear drives for pellet-fired stoves and furnaces. We keep your processes on the move.


Industrial Indexing Systems

offers a full range of industrial motors and amplifier systems. They also offer a wide range of brushless servo, and stepper motors with output power from 30 W to 55 kW. Wash down, high temperature, explosion proof, and food grade models are all available. Amplifier choices include servo and stepper driven models. Motor and amplifier products integrate seamlessly with an array of controllers for streamlined factory floor operations.

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