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Controllers and Drives

Controllers and Drives

Potter-GMH Technologies provides the leading manufacturers of powerful, flexible, cost-effective motion controllers. This includes Machine & Motion Controllers, Integrated Controller-Amplifiers, MACRO Ring Products, Amplifiers, Communication Software, HMI Software, and CNC Systems. Our Products have been used by 1,000’s of companies including industries such as, robotics, semiconductor manufacturing, machine tools, medical, packaging equipment, entertainment, energy, military, scientific research and more. Potter-GMH Technologies is committed to providing solutions no matter how simple or complicated your application may be.


Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.

is the leading developer and manufacturer for innovative, high-performance machine and motion controllers. With more than 30 years of experience and 1,000,000 axes of motion, Delta Tau is committed to providing solutions for the simplest to most complex applications.


Industrial Indexing Systems

Our systems are designed to suit any application based on customer needs. IIS's servo motors, drives and motion controllers provide automation system solutions and are used in the most demanding applications requiring high performance,high quality positioning accuracy,high reliability and energy efficiency. Industrial Indexing Systems is proud to be a member of the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA), SERCOS North America (SErial Realtime COmmunications System), CC-Link Partner Association and MANA (Manufacturers & Agents) Industrial Indexing Systems is also the exclusive North American Distributor for: TOEI Electric Co., LTD. Velconic, Shibaura Machine Co., LTD. TOSHIBA MACHINE CO., LTD. X SERIES SERVOS


Peak Servo

brings together the latest advancements in digital and analog technologies to produce the industry’s best performing and most reliable Linear Servo Amplifiers, PWM Servo Amplifiers, and Phase Locked Servos.

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